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Monetize your email list with Klaviyo and convert more buyers on autopilot


Drive More Sales With Targeted Messaging


Nurture Your Audience To Build Lasting Relationships


Maximize Profits With More Repeat Buyers

Is your email marketing driving sales for your online store?


Are you starting to send emails and feel overwhelmed with all the things to figure out?


Do you have a small or large list but no one is opening or converting from your emails ?


Do you lack the time to brainstorm what to say and send emails consistently?

Save time with automated emails & focus on long-term marketing strategies


Liberate yourself from the tech overwhelm so you can focus your CEO time on more important areas of your business and your family


Get peace of mind knowing that your Klaviyo systems are converting sales on autopilot 24/7


Work with an experienced e-commerce & email marketing expert who can tell you what to put in your emails and get everything done for you in Klaviyo

Monetize your email list with Klaviyo, so you can sell more products every day

I help you set this up in a single day and automate it in a way that will save you time and stress for years to come

Strategy For E-commerce

I’m an experienced email marketer who managed a 7-figure e-commerce beauty business.

I take the time to understand your brand vision and customer journey so you can turn new visitors into loyal customers.

Structured Systems

Sustainably grow your e-commerce business with systems that increase your sales, boost engagement & grow your subscriber list.

Certified Klaviyo Expert

Don’t worry about the added costs of hiring an expensive agency, copywriter or another team member to implement the work.

You will work directly with me and only me. You won’t be shuffled off to junior staff or subcontracted labor.

Did you know that your emails should generate more than 25% of your business?

Hey! I’m Kris, I’m an email marketing strategist and certified Klaviyo expert.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped brands sell over $20M through their e-commerce websites. Now I help small brands to turn emails into a revenue channel for their store.

I’m all about helping you achieving more by doing less. Which is why I specialize in building email strategy and systems that convert more first-time buyers and get more repeat buyers on autopilot.

Krispahlyn Daria

See how founders have liberated themselves from overwhelm

Let me save you from the stress and confusion around email marketing, so you can grow your business with more ease and flow.

Kris delivers so much value in her sessions, swipe files and resources and I think it’s a really practical and tangible way to make an impact on a particular area of my business. I love that this is very practical and I can follow step by step.

Tresna, Owner of Kin North

I love how clear and easy Kris made the structure and layout of it all – do this, then do this, then do this. It makes it much simpler for me to take action. The training was well organized. You get all you need: the templates and training on specific tech elements are ready to go. It’s hugely useful for anyone with a product business using Klaviyo.

Moira Fuller, Subscription Box Academy
Moira Fuller,

Before the training, I felt completely lost and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Kris gave the information I need to feel more confident and to grow my business.

This was absolutely amazing. I was really making emails harder than I should have. She made me realize how useful Klaviyo can be and how simple it really is.

Now, I know I can create nurturing email flows that convert into sales. I would recommend this training to all my friends who are starting their own businesses because Kris is an amazing teacher.

Ericka Jennings, Founder of Golden Essence Co
Ericka Jennings,

Before getting the Toolkit, I was struggling with creating content for all my email flows. Now I feel very confident because they are finally completed! Anyone who is serious about their business and wants to get proper and professional help with email should get the Toolkit.

I like how Kris gives the breakdown of how many emails should go into each flow and text examples showing exactly how to write it out.

Ariel, Founder of Officially Xclusive

My team is now much more confident with navigating Klaviyo’s flow systems, and have a good grasp on the different flows and how they contribute to our overall flow strategy. Since launching our Welcome flow, we’ve already gotten responses from our customers that they loved hearing our story. With Kris’ flow toolkit, I got the structure of each flow, learning how many emails it takes to nurture customers and lead them on a journey.

Going through each flow really helped our team gain clarity and insight on the message we want to send out to our customers. It’s strengthened our mission as well as where we want to position ourselves. Absolutely recommend the training. Having the deadlines each week to submit for feedback was a good motivator for us to finish flows, and getting Kris’ feedback so quickly and efficiently was extremely helpful. Also, going through the training meant that we are able to carry on the work ourselves in the future. And, now we send much better newsletters!

Lichia, Founder of

Work with me

Here’s how I can help you generate more revenue from email marketing

Full Flow Setup


Let me take the workload off your plate. With my done-for-you Klaviyo Intensive, I’ll build your email, flows, templates, segments and forms in just ONE day. Copy templates included so you don’t start writing from scratch.

Flow Setup Toolkit


Flow Setup Toolkit is a self-study course that gives you Klaviyo email tutorials and text templates for all your flows. This is great if you’re not yet ready to invest in the done-for-you package. You’ll get all the tools & resources I use with my VIP clients to drive more revenue from their email flows. 

Email Courses


Learn how to start growing and monetizing your email list. Join one of my email workshops to learn how to get started with emails, plan your email content or leverage email segmentation in Klaviyo. 


Avoid these 9 Email Mistakes

Get my free guide where I explain the email marketing mistakes you should be avoiding + learn how to fix them.

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