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Helping more e-commerce founders like you to grow their store with impactful email marketing.

“Kris is very knowledgeable and provided actionable advice that I’m positive will help grow my email sales. I left the call sufficiently encouraged and really motivated to take action. She is so friendly and approachable which made me feel at ease when asking her questions. At the end of the call, Kris also gave me some general business advice which really gave me a boost, especially since I have been doing everything myself. Thank you Kris! "
Ella O'Doherty, Founder of

“I really appreciate Kris' efficiency, her perseverance, her foresight, her accuracy, and the consistency of her commitment to our side. I have gained a much better understanding of the reality of online business. Above all, do not neglect the possibility of speaking directly to customers, without going through social media. E-mails allow for a more intimate relationship which is truly rewarding for us as entrepreneurs."
Rose Gwet, Founder of LUXCEY Beauty

“Kris did way more than I expected. She not only mapped out the flows but worked on creatives and implemented the new flows. Kris is easy to work with. She had a clear strategy and implemented it within the agreed timeframe." 
Khetani Mgido, Co-founder of Jacque Mgido Cosmetics

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