Cart Converter Course

Learn how to supercharge your Abandon Cart email flows inside Klaviyo

Research shows that on average 69% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart. While abandoned carts are part of the reality of running an e-commerce business, you don’t have to see them as lost sales!

This is where abandoned cart email remarketing truly shines:

You don’t have to spend more $$$ on social ads to bring them back to your site.

You don’t have to lift a finger once the automation is built. The email will trigger automatically when someone forgets their cart

In this course, I’ll help you:


Grow your revenue by bringing back more shoppers to purchase their cart.


Build a high-converting cart abandonment email sequence in Klaviyo.


Plan out what to say in your emails and convince shoppers to complete their purchase.

Spend an afternoon with me and learn everything you need to improve your abandoned cart email automations.

Before attending this workshop, I thought I’d done a good job because I already had 2 cart abandonment emails in my flow. But this course showed me how I can supercharge my cart flow and really offer more value to my potential customers. Kris delivers so much value in her sessions, swipe files and resources and I think it’s a really practical and tangible way to make an impact on a particular area of my business. So much training is very broad and general and I tend to not do anything with it because it’s overwhelming. I love that this is very practical and I can follow step by step.


When it came to email automations, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I had a very simple cart abandonment flow that made a few sales but I haven’t given much thought since setting it up. I realized that I actually have the content through testimonials and social media posts to use in my email flow so I can repurpose those and save time. I recommend the course to anyone with a product based business! Kris’ explanations are so clear and concise. I felt confident knowing that I can follow the process of setting it up. The bonus of the templates and spreadsheets are so helpful because I am pretty new to Klaviyo.



Before the training, I felt completely lost and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Kris gave the information I need to feel more confident and to grow my business. She made me realize how useful Klaviyo can be and how simple it really is. This was absolutely amazing. I was really making emails harder than I should have. She made me realize how useful Klaviyo can be and how simple it really is. Now, I know I can create nurturing email flows that convert into sales. I would recommend this training to all my friends who are starting their own businesses because Kris is an amazing teacher.



What’s inside this Cart Converter Course



How many emails to include in your abandoned cart series and when to send them


What to put inside your cart emails to supercharge your clicks & conversions


My go-to segmentation process for giving the right incentives to the right buyers


How to make sure shoppers don’t hack your abandoned cart discounts.


1.5 hour video recording of the trainings + Q&A sessions

Attention grabbing cart abandonment subject lines

Content email breakdowns with time-saving email swipe files & templates

Step-by-step Klaviyo tech tutorial library to show you how to implement these cart converting strategies.

$197 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I have time for this?

I understand how challenging it can be to set aside 2 hours to attend a training. As the founder and CEO of your business, it’s important to have time to work ON your business. I’ll be showing you the quick wins you can implement within 1 hour following the training and giving you the swipes and tutorials to make it easier and faster for you to implement and improve your cart abandon email flows in Klaviyo.

Do I need to be with Klaviyo to benefit from this course?

My strategies, tutorials and tips are going to be focused on the Klaviyo email platform. It’s the email platform I recommend for all my Shopify e-commerce clients. To get a free trial, you can sign up using my referral link:

Should I buy this course even if I have a small list?

Yes! The course will show you how to automatically bring back shoppers who abandon their cart and how to capture their emails so you can grow your list too. No more having to send cart reminder emails one-by-one… Stop wasting your time!

Why should I learn from you?

There are a lot of smart cookies in the digital space. So why should you learn from me? My strength is in marketing and managing an e-commerce business. I’m also a certified Klaviyo expert. My clients generate over 10% of their total monthly sales revenue from the cart abandonment email automations I’ve built for them. These emails open rates up to 82% and conversion rates up to 30%. I would be happy to show you my best Klaviyo tips and tricks to get more people to pull the trigger and complete their checkout.

What if I have more questions?

Happy to answer questions you might have before purchasing the course. You can message me by clicking the chat box in the bottom right, or send an email to kris[at] with what you’d like to know.

If you still have questions after taking the course, you’ll get access to me during a monthly Q&A call, that I host only for my past clients/students. The calls take place on Zoom at 4pm ET on the 4th Thursday of every month. If you can’t attend the call live, you can submit a question and get an answer by watching the replay.

I knew there was more I should be doing with my cart abandonment flow, but I wasn’t clear on what that was – and the best way to do those things. Now I feel excited to refine what I have set up! I love how clear and easy Kris made the structure and layout of it all – do this, then do this, then do this. It makes it much simpler for me to take action. The training was well organised. You get all you need: so the templates and training on specific tech elements are ready to go. It’s hugely useful for anyone with a product business using Klaviyo.


I had an cart abandon email sequence, but it wasn’t converting. Now I have a better understanding of what I need to implement. I would recommend this training to other small business owners who want to save time. The training covers everything, straight to the point and will save them a lot of time. It was fun, no fluff. Kris’ email templates are a time saver.



Before taking this course, I didn’t have a great understanding of cart email automations. I was delighted because Kris shows all of the step-by-step and walks you through it. She really breaks it down and makes it easy for the person like me that is clueless haha!


Jennifer Lee