Flow Setup

Make More Sales Everyday With Automated Klaviyo Email Flows

Learn how to build your automated Klaviyo email marketing systems in 5 weeks (without the tech headaches!).

Why get the Toolkit?

Did you get a nervous pit in your stomach or cringe the last time you logged into your Klaviyo account? Dealing with the Klaviyo tech can feel intimidating. This is why I want to support e-commerce business owners with a clear roadmap & tools to build their automated email systems.  

Inside the Toolkit, you’ll learn how to build the following email flows in Klaviyo: Welcome, Browse Abandon, Cart Abandon, Post-Purchase, Winback & Sunset.

The Toolkit will show you step-by-step, how to get your email flows in Klaviyo up and running so that:

Your emails will start nurturing and converting more customers on autopilot.
Every new subscriber to your list receives a personalized Welcome email in their Inbox and becomes a new customer within a week.
You start hearing more Shopify ka-ching 🤑 pings because visitors are coming back to buy the items they left in their cart (without you giving away the same discounts to everyone!)
You’re getting more returning customers. No more one-time buyers!

What’s Included In Your Purchase

Flow Setup Toolkit

Full Flow Setup training curriculum with easy step-by-step & short Klaviyo video tutorials to make implementation easy (see all modules here).


30+ copy swipe templates with examples so you don’t have to start writing emails from scratch.


Step-by-step Flow Setup Guide: This is a workbook that I use with my 1-1 VIP clients who hire me to build their Klaviyo flows. It is a checklist and guide that will help you map out what to say in every email, subject lines, content and promotions.


My Klaviyo Email Template design: I will drop my email campaign template design straight into your Klaviyo account. And you’ll learn how to customize it to your branding with my step-by-step video tutorial. No-coding required! You’ll learn how to use Klaviyo’s simple builder tools to build your emails.


Back pocket tech support: Upgrade to the VIP Support Pass and get 1:1 support and feedback while setting up your email flows in Klaviyo. Full details here.

VIP Support Pass (CLOSED)


Getting stuck on a Klaviyo tech issue? Want my feedback on your emails? I’m here! Purchase the Toolkit with the VIP Support Pass and you’ll have me, your Klaviyo expert BFF, in your back pocket.


Get access to my Support Ticketing system to send me unlimited questions & get personalized videos with your answers.


Get my eyes on your emails!  Submit your work weekly and I will record a video with my personalized feedback. Goodbye overthinking!


The option to purchase the VIP Support Pass is available when I re-launch the Toolkit. Usually every 2-3 months. The next live cohort will be opening in February 2024. Join the waitlist to be notified when registration opens. 

See what past clients have said…


Before getting the Toolkit, I was struggling with creating content for all my email flows. Now I feel very confident because they are finally completed! Anyone who is serious about their business and wants to get proper and professional help with email should get the Toolkit.

I like how Kris gives the breakdown of how many emails should go into each flow and text examples showing exactly how to write it out.


Founder of Officially Xclusive


My team is now much more confident with navigating Klaviyo’s flow systems, and have a good grasp on the different flows and how they contribute to our overall flow strategy. Since launching our Welcome flow, we’ve already gotten responses from our customers that they loved hearing our story. With Kris’ flow toolkit, I got the structure of each flow, learning how many emails it takes to nurture customers and lead them on a journey.

Going through each flow really helped our team gain clarity and insight on the message we want to send out to our customers. It’s strengthened our mission as well as where we want to position ourselves. Absolutely recommend the training. Having the deadlines each week to submit for feedback was a good motivator for us to finish flows, and getting Kris’ feedback so quickly and efficiently was extremely helpful. Also, going through the training meant that we are able to carry on the work ourselves in the future. And, now we send much better newsletters!


Founder of Gotomago.com


Before the Toolkit, I was not using Klaviyo to its fullest. It’s quite expensive compared to MailChimp but I haven’t taken the time to get to know it and utilize all its functionalities, and therefore was constantly reminded that I should be doing better with our email marketing. I feel much more confident about it now after going through the Toolkit, as well as knowing how to automate the email systems better through Klaviyo which I KNOW will lead to more sales.

Kris’ lesson on using dynamic content blocks was a MIKE DROP moment for me. I love anything I do once and don’t have to repeat. I feel more confident about the professionalism of our emails now that we have systems in place. I 100% would recommend this training for any biz owner that feels they are leaving money on the table with each ‘one time’ client purchase.

The time vested in drafting emails that speak to your specific audience is so worth it. Take the time, DO IT! Your business is worth it!!

Carole MacFadden

Founder of Vancouver Gift Baskets

Imagine getting 10-20% more sales
from your emails every month

See results from past clients who hired me to build their email flows.
With the Toolkit, you’ll receive the same strategies & frameworks that I use with my private 1-1 clients
to help you make more revenue from your emails.

$15K from Flows within 60 days
29% of Total Revenue



$7K from Flows within 60 days
15% of Total Revenue



$7K from Froms within 60 days
23% of Total Revenue



Flow Toolkit Curriculum

Flow Setup Toolkit

Module 1


In this module, we’ll prepare your Story, Strategy and Klaviyo foundations before we start building your systems.

You’ll learn:
I’ll be sharing with you a brand-questionnaire that I use with my VIP clients. This will give you a better understanding of your customers and will get your creative juices flowing to write your email content.
How to map out your email flow content in a way that engages and resonates with your customers.
How to design a custom-branded email template in Klaviyo that will help speed up the process of building
your flows.
How to design your emails for more interaction, clicks and traffic to your website so you can turn subscribers into customers.

Using Universal Content & Dynamic Product Feed blocks to save time building and designing the content of your email flow templates.

How to create unique coupon codes for every customer in Klaviyo (so no one cheats the system!)

Module 2


Watching this module is recommended if you don’t have a Welcome flow or have not revisited your welcome emails in the last 12 months.

You’ll learn:
My 9-email sequence strategy for welcome and and inviting your new subscribers into your brand’s world without spamming or creating unsubscribes.
What type of engaging content to put inside each email of the Welcome flow.

How to send a unique Shopify coupon code to every new subscriber on your list that automatically expires (so they don’t keep on using the same code!)


What Klaviyo settings to use when filtering out people in other flows or segments (like wholesalers).

Module 3


Watching this module is recommended if you’re still giving the same discounts to everyone who abandons their cart (there’s a more strategic way to do this!)

You’ll learn:
How to build a high-converting cart abandonment email sequence in Klaviyo including how many emails to send.
How to leverage segmentation to supercharge the sales from your Browse & Abandon Cart emails.
Plan out what to say in your emails and convince shoppers to complete their purchase.
How to create a unique Shopify coupon code for every buyer (and make sure they don’t cheat the system to get a new one!)

Module 4


In this module, you’ll learn what email content to send new and returning buyers right after placing their order.

You’ll learn:
How to target your first-time buyers and returning buyers with different messages.
How to ask customers for reviews & video testimonials that you can showcase on your website.
Offer cross-selling opportunities by inviting your customers to try other products/collections you sell.
How to setup an automated survey to get precious feedback from your best customers.

Module 5


In this module, you’ll learn how to retain customers and unengaged subscribers before they go completely cold.

You’ll learn:
Get more customers to replenish or re-order with a Winback Flow.
Sunset Flow: How to handle them and re-engage with people who haven’t opened you emails in a long time.

How to ongoingly clean your list to maintain a healthy and engaged subscriber base

That’s not all you get!

I also equip you with these extra BONUSES 🍒

Fully customizable Master Email Template ($125 value). Easy to use, no coding needed, fully responsive layout.

200+ Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines that will get your readers opening your emails.


Monthly Office Hours Q&A calls so you can still show up and ask questions after you’re done with the Toolkit.


Klaviyo Tech Tutorial Library ($200 value) — access the tech tutorials to show you how to:

  • Cleaning your list to remove unengaged contacts
  • Creating a segment of customers who ordered specific products
  • Creating a newsletter landing page on your website
  • How to give subscribers the choice to temporarily opt-out from
    receiving big promotional event related emails (ex: Mother’s Day)
  • And more!

This Is A Great
Choice For You If…

You just started using Klaviyo for email marketing.
Your current Klaviyo automations are outdated. You can’t remember the last time you peeked under the hood to see what’s going on.
You have launched your product business and started taking sales on your website.

Don’t Spend Your Money On This If…

You don’t use Klaviyo as your email marketing platform.
You don’t sell physical products online as a business.
You started your business recently and you don’t know who you’re selling to or you haven’t launched your website yet.

More Client Testimonials


I’m really learning so much! It’s making me dig deep into brand development and niching down since I had so many products to begin with, I’m trying to narrow down what direction I want to head in and focus on. So your Toolkit has definitely been more than about emails to me, I’m so happy that I joined your course.


Founder of Feather & Flame (Toolkit Client)


Before the training, I felt completely lost and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Kris gave the information I need to feel more confident and to grow my business.

This was absolutely amazing. I was really making emails harder than I should have. She made me realize how useful Klaviyo can be and how simple it really is.

Now, I know I can create nurturing email flows that convert into sales. I would recommend this training to all my friends who are starting their own businesses because Kris is an amazing teacher.

Ericka Jennings

Founder of Golden Essence Co (Previous Workshop Student)


Kris delivers so much value in her sessions, swipe files and resources and I think it’s a really practical and tangible way to make an impact on a particular area of my business. I love that this is very practical and I can follow step by step.


Owner of Kin North (Previous Workshop Student)

What to expect from Kris


I’ll be emailing you weekly to check-in, tell you what to work on & reminders for the live Q&A calls. 


I’ll be responding to questions & feedback requests between Mondays and Thursdays. 

I will show up to the live Q&A calls on time and will be fully present for the time we have together.

VIP Support Pass Holders: Email submissions are due every Sunday evening (Eastern Time). I will record my feedback during the week and send it back to you.

Live Call Schedule


Get weekly support as you build your flows. Join 5 weekly live Q&A sessions to get clarity & guidance. I’ll be there to answer any questions or do hot seats with anyone who wants live feedback on their emails.  


The exact dates are on Wednesdays October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15 and November 22. The calls will be held on Zoom at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST. The recording will be shared with timestamps & captions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be using Klaviyo to benefit from this course?
Yes. My strategies, tutorials and tips are going to be focused on the Klaviyo email platform. It’s the email platform I recommend for all my Shopify ecommerce clients. You can get a free trial of Klaviyo by using my referral link: krisdaria.com/klaviyo.
When are the calls happening?

For the Oct 2023 cohort, live Q&A calls are hosted weekly on Wednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST. The exact dates are October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15, November 22.

After the cohort is over, I will host monthly office hours on Zoom for anyone who purchases the Toolkit. These happen on the 4th Thursday of the month at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 4pm GMT.

If you can’t join live, the recordings will be posted within 2 days. You’ll also be able to pre-submit questions and you’ll get the answer when you watch the replay.

Will we be required to join a live training session?

There are no live training sessions since the curriculum will be delivered via pre-recorded video lessons that you can follow & implement at your own pace.

You’re not required to join the live Q&A calls. On these calls, I’ll be available to answer questions or to give live feedback on your emails.

How much time will this take?

To build your Klaviyo flows in 5 weeks, you’ll need at least 3-4 hours of focused attention each week to watch a few videos and implement what you’re learning. You have Lifetime access to the Toolkit so you can also go at your own pace.

I’m not sure I have time for this.
I understand how challenging it can be to set time aside for learning. As the founder and CEO of your business, it’s important to have time to work ON your email strategy ahead of Q4 or the busy holiday shopping period. I’m all about helping my clients operate with more clarity, ease and flow in their business, so I want to help you prepare as early as possible!
I'm new to Klaviyo, is this for me?

The Toolkit was designed for business owners who are just starting with Klaviyo.  I have worked with clients who have 30 subscribers to those who have 15,000 subscribers on their list. The goal is to get your email flows setup and ready to go. If you’re ready to finally have your Klaviyo setup to it’s fullest capability, then this is for you! 

If you are just starting out with your business (less than 2 years), it might take some time to get your branding & messaging honed in, since you are still in the stage of getting to know your customers & understanding what resonates with them. Remember, you can refine your emails overtime as your business grows.

I already have some flows that can be improved, will this work for me?

Definitely! The process of revamping your flows and building them new are really similar. Mention this in your Onboarding form when you join and I’ll let you know the best way to start. 

Should I choose the Self-Study or get the VIP Support Pass?

Get on the waitlist to be notified when registration for the next live cohort opens.

If you want more assurance and to be supported as you build things out, you will benefit from getting the VIP Pass. The VIP Support Pass is not ongoing and can only be used between October 23 and November 25. If you’re short on time right now, wait for a future time to sign up for VIP Pass with support from me.

If you are already comfortable using Klaviyo and don’t feel like you need so much support, you can take the self-study course to get the copy and strategies I use to bring in my clients more revenue with their flows. If ever you get stuck, you can join or submit a question to the live Q&A calls.

Is this program done like in a group / mastermind style or would we work independently following the instructions & tasks you set?

All the work is done independently. You will get access to all the pre-recorded video lessons & instructions. I suggest following the outlined structure, step-by-step starting with the Foundations module.
From there, you choose which flow you want to focus on first, at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the video lessons, so no need rush!

Will you teach us how to use ChatGPT or AI tools?

I won’t be covering how to use AI tools in the course. If you’d like to learn more about leveraging AI tools to write your content, I suggest checking out ThisIsCo’s ChatGPT for Marketing course $27 (affiliate link).

Do you teach list growth?
This isn’t a list-building program so there won’t be any content related to growing your list.
Will you teach me how to write emails?
I’m not an email copywriter, but I will provide examples and swipes to help you personalize the emails to your brand. So you won’t have to write content from scratch or hire an expensive copywriter to get started.

If you’d like ideas of engaging campaigns to send to your list and learn how to create your email plan, you can check out my Email Calendar Workshop. I also recommend joining Liz Wilcox’s monthly $9 email marketing membership, where you get an email text template every week delivered to your inbox. You can check it out here (affiliate link).

What’s covered in the program?

Click for a full outline of what you’ll learn and what you’ll be working on in the program. Here’s the summary of what’s covered:

  • Module 1: Preparing your Foundations (your template, branding, product blocks)
  • Module 2: Welcoming New Subscribers To Convert
  • Module 3: Re-engage Shoppers Who Leave Without Buying (Browse + Cart Abandon flow)
  • Module 4: Nurturing Your New & Returning Buyers Post-Purchase
  • Module 5: Retaining Customers For Repeat Orders with Winback and Sunset flows.
Are the modules dripped out?

No. You’ll get access to the entire modules of the course when you purchase the Toolkit.

Ready to supercharge your Klaviyo email sales?