Email Flow Roadmap: Automate your customer journey

How to make more sales everyday with automated email marketing

✅  How to grow your business profitably & sustainably with email
✅  3 email automation mistakes to avoid
✅  My framework for creating impactful automated email automations
✅  Best practices & strategies for each email flow at every stage of the customer journey


Get ready for BFCM 2021

Get inspired to start preparing for Q4 right now. I'll be talking with e-commerce marketing expert Lisa Byrne, sharing actionable tips to get your online store ready to convert more buyers during the holiday season.

Lisa Byrne is a marketing and business coach and will be sharing things you can do to that have the biggest impact when you have limited time and resources as you're growing your business.

Hi, I’m Kris!

I’m an email marketing strategist and certified Klaviyo expert.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped brands sell over $20M through their e-commerce websites. Now I help small brands to turn emails into a revenue channel for their store.

I’m all about having clarity, aiming with intention, achieving more by doing less. Which is why I specialize in building email strategy and systems that convert more first-time buyers and get more repeat buyers on autopilot.