Klaviyo VIP Day

Done-for-you Klaviyo Email Flows In One Day

For beauty & wellness brands who need an automated email marketing sales machine for their e-commerce store

It’s the morning after your VIP day. Picture this…


You start hearing more Shopify ka-ching🤑 notifications because visitors are coming back to buy the items they left in their cart.


Every new person joining your list receives a personalized Welcome email in their Inbox and becomes a new customer within a week.


You get to spend more time with your family instead of waiting online for Klaviyo’s Live Chat to show you how to setup a flow or Googling a good subject line for your emails.


Creating an email is a breeze with your refreshed, easy-to-use template design.


You confidently press “SEND” knowing that your subscribers will see a consistent look & feel when they click your email and land on your site.

My VIP Day is for you if:


You don’t have any time to figure out all the Klaviyo tech stuff.


You’re currently sending abandoned cart emails one by one or have no clue what automations you should have in place for your online store.


Your current automations are outdated. You can’t remember the last time you peaked under the hood to see what’s going on.


You procrastinate & your emails never get sent because you don’t know what to say in your emails.


You want to grow your sales but you lack a clear strategy to convert your new subscribers into buyers.


You have no visibility on your list health and you want to improve your open rates.


You cross your fingers every damn time you hit the “SEND” button, hoping people will open the email… and that someone actually clicks to buy.

What you need is an e-commerce & email marketing expert

Save yourself a lot of time and stress from working with unreliable Fiverr or Upwork freelancers or expensive agencies.

Work with me and I’ll tell you what to put in each email and build everything for you inside Klaviyo a day!

My Easy Process



I show you how to get clarity on your ideal customer and what they want to read in your emails.


We have a strategy session to align your emails with your customer’s buying journey.


I design and build all your email flows, segments, popup and template, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Here’s how it works



Book a quick chat with me to see if this is a right fit. We’ll discuss your needs and I’ll answer all your questions.


After our call, you’ll receive your proposal, contract and invoice so you can secure your VIP Day with a 50% deposit.


You’ll have some prep work to complete in order for me to work my magic. Within 1 business day of submitting your deposit, you’ll receive a Welcome Guide and 30+ email text templates & helpful trainings to assist you with writing all your email content.


2 weeks before your VIP Day, we’ll have a 90-minute strategy session. I’ll review your prep work, validate your texts, content and offers to make sure they are aligned with your business goals.


I’ll spend 2 work days building your Klaviyo email flows. You’ll review the emails as I build the flows and send me your adjustments. Throughout the day, I make the corrections. By the end of 2 days, I’ll activate your email automations.


Once everything is complete, I’ll provide video walkthroughs inside your Client Portal. You’ll also get 4 weeks of email support after the VIP Day is completed.

Here’s what’s included with your VIP Day


6 essential email automation flows:

Welcome (up to 8 emails) – nurture new subscribers and get them to convert into new buyers.

Abandon cart (5 emails) – retarget potential buyers to complete their order

Browse abandon (2 emails) – retarget window shoppers to come back and shop your site.

Post-Purchase (5 emails) – thank customer for their order, asks for a review and cross-sells them into another purchase

Winback (2 emails) – target lapsed customers before they churn

Sunset flow (3 emails) – maintain a healthy list and automatically remove unengaged subscribers


35 email text templates that will save you time so you don’t have to start gathering your content from scratch and hire another copywriter.


Klaviyo account audit to identify gaps and opportunities


Core list segments so you can send targeted & personalized emails to boost your open & click rates


Website popup form to grow your list by capturing more of your visitor’s emails before they leave your site 


Customized branded email template: so you can save time building email campaigns & press Send more confidently knowing your email looks on brand!


A video recording walking you through your Klaviyo account so you know how everything works behind the scenes. Helpful to train your team or delegate to VA.

PLUS, you’ll also receive: 

Access to my email swipe files and library of templates + resources

Unlimited email support for 30 days after VIP Day

BONUS Email Content Planning Workshop ($297 value)

Learn my step by step process for creating a story bank and planning your email campaign calendar to forecast & grow your sales.


Secure your date with a 50% deposit, or pay in full.

Get up to 25% more monthly sales from Klaviyo email flows


(Click to zoom in on mobile)

Fashion Retailer

$15k (+28%) within 60 days

First 30 Days

NEXT 30 Days

Skincare Brand

$7k (+14%) within 60 days

First 30 Days

NEXT 30 Days

Women’s Shoewear

$8k (+22%) within 60 days

First 30 Days

NEXT 30 Days


Past clients who have worked with me


Moving to a new system is always daunting but knowing my Klaviyo account would be set up for success from the start was liberating and allowed me to focus on other things in my business. I love the flows and that I have a template I can use for future emails that is super easy! This will allow me to track, retain and better educate subscribers as well as improve sales. Kris was so professional, thorough and willing to go the extra mile to look over my new website and work with me despite not being a beauty brand. It was amazing, very grateful for her!


Chief Artist of The New Devine


My biggest challenge was not really knowing that my Klaviyo setup would work or was done correctly. After working with Kris, I feel confident knowing that I have a set of email automations that I can trust, have been set up properly and are starting to convert. Kris has a well organized collaboration process where I just needed to follow the steps. I can watch the customer behaviour of my existing flows and use that for future planning and also assess metrics as we progress. Kris provides a sound supportive framework that gives you transparency across the project. I’d do it again in a flash.


Founder of Millwood Shoes


I knew email flow basics, but I lacked the steps of how to execute them and the best way to do so. I wanted an expert voice to guide me in the decisions, and most of all, set up the flow in the most efficient way possible that would get me
the best ROI on my email flows! I can’t believe Kris set up everything so fast. She set A Jar of Pickles up for success with all her expertise in how she personally curated her flows to my brand and customer behavior, and I’m so excited to see how much revenue my new flows will bring in, because I know they will. I was losing so much potential revenue by not having email marketing flows. This is a completely new revenue channel for my brand and I know my sales will grow from it. Kris is extremely thorough and thinks of explaining everything. From the initial walkthrough videos, to the consult call, to the prep call, to the off-boarding, she answers questions before I even get to them and thinks of details and next steps I would never consider.


Founder of a Jar of Pickles


Before working with Kris, my biggest challenge was getting organized to ensure the message, design and focus of the emails were cohesive and relevant. I wish I had done this sooner. I previously paid for a copywriter and a designer to create email templates, I have also bought pre- templated flows from a coaching program. Ultimately these were not as effective or as relevant to my business as this VIP day has been, and in trying to save money I cost myself more in lost revenue, time and disengaged customers. I feel much more confident that the new email flows are relevant to our customers and their stage of the buying journey. They are simple and elegant in the design and as a result I have no doubt they will be more successful in converting sales for me. The customers will receive more engaging and interesting messaging, which will improve their knowledge of the products, help with their understanding of our range and lower their resistance to purchasing. I loved how knowledgeable Kris was about the process. She knew the best way to achieve our requirements and nothing was too much trouble. I’m very grateful for her support, guidance and expertise.


LOVESKIN Founder & Creator

Why work with Kris?

There are all sorts of smart cookies in the digital world who could help you with your business.

So why work with me?


I have a strong e-commerce background

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped brands sell over $20M through their e-commerce websites. I’ve managed a multi-million dollar e-commerce beauty brand at L’Oréal where emails generated over 25% of total revenues. I’m an email expert who understands the e-commerce ecosystem and who knows what it takes to grow a profitable online store. You won’t need to worry about added costs of hiring an expensive agency or hire another team member to implement the work.


Work with a certified Klaviyo expert to setup your automations

I perform all the tasks needed on the Klaviyo backend. You will work directly with me and only me. You won’t be shuffled off to junior employees or subcontracted labor. You’ll feel relieved and less stressed about not dealing with all the technical stuff or figuring out what button to press, how to connect a coupon code or create a segment.


My process is super buttoned-up and organized so you have your email flows automated in a day!

My Intensive done-for-you package saves you time and money from going back and forth with changes and corrections. You will feel more empowered when you get to see the start-to-finish process and learn how your emails fit together with your customer buying journey. You can’t get much better than ‘done in a day’!


I don’t bill by the hour so you always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my services

There will be no surprises. If you are looking for a ‘deal’ or something quick and cheap, I’m not your girl. I believe in getting things right the first time rather than having to revisit decisions again and again wasting more of your time and energy.

Hear from past VIP Day clients


Before my VIP Day with Kris, I felt like I wasn’t making any traction with my email campaigns. My open and engagement rates had been on the decline, and I felt my whole strategy + campaigns/automations needed a makeover.
Thanks to Kris, what would have taken me months of learning, researching, taking courses on email best practice, has been put together for me in such a short amount of time.
I feel all the hard work has been done and now I’m ready to reap the rewards! I know these new flows and automations you’ve set up are going to convert. And it means I can spend my time working on other parts of my business whilst these emails campaigns will be making money for me with next to no effort.
Kris took the time to understand my business, my ideal customer, my goals, so everything about our campaigns are really personalised and niched to my business and my brand. If you’re wanting someone to set everything up for you properly and from the ground up, you need to talk to Kris!
– Anna Van Dijk, Owner of Lunchbox Mini


Owner of Lunchbox Mini


Before working with Kris, I struggled with the technical aspects of setting up flows in Klaviyo and not knowing what flow emails will convert. I was seeing low sales from flows compared to my weekly emails. Kris made my emails feel so on brand, professional and designed to thoughtfully sell now! I loved having a clear direction for all the copy of the emails. I feel so relieved to have everything on autopilot. Peace of mind.
The new sequences will help me to convert shoppers into buyers, and current customers into repeat buyers. It’s also helping to tell my story as a business more directly and at the right time in the customer journey. I loved how Kris was detail-oriented and how easy it was to work with her! I felt like I could trust her expertise and that every step of the process was clear and well-communicated. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kris. I was so impressed with her work!


Founder of Yardia


Do you work with other email platforms outside of Klaviyo?

My VIP Days are reserved only for Klaviyo users. It’s the ESP I recommend for Shopify stores. You’ll be required to migrate your customers & data to Klaviyo and connect it with your site before the VIP Day.

You can get started with a free Klaviyo account by signing up here (affiliate link).


I'm not a beauty or wellness brand, will this still work?

My framework can be applied to any lifestyle brand. My email text templates are tailored specifically for beauty brands. You can customize them yourself or hire a copywriter to tailor the content closer to your brand voice and industry.

Do I need to spend the whole day with you?

No. You’ll need to be virtually “available” during your VIP Day so I can get your prompt feedback everytime I finish a flow. It’s best not to choose a date that is already full of meetings and appointments.

Will you handle migration, copywriting or design?

No. I will build your automation flows and template in Klaviyo, but here’s what’s not included:

  • Email list and data migration from other email software platforms. Click here to see a Mailchimp to Klaviyo migration tutorial. 
  • Graphic design: I’ll use your brand photos or any assets you already have on hand.
  • Copywriting: I’ll provide text templates and scripts to help expedite this process.
Do you do any graphic design?

Graphic design is not included. I will rely on you to provide your brand images, assets and content to build your emails. One free tool I recommend for creating email graphics is Canva (affiliate link).

What I believe: Pretty emails don’t always pay the bills. What matters is the content. You want your email to look like a message from your BFF and not like another promo ad in your customer’s Inbox.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! 50% is due to book and reserve your VIP Day and the final 50% due 3 days before your day.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Happy to answer questions you might have. Message me using the Chat Box below (bottom right). Or send an email to kris[at]krisdaria.com

Not ready to invest in a VIP Day?

Spend an entire day with me as your Email Coach.
Ask questions, get actionable advice and guidance
to implement right away.