Let’s move from overwhelmed & overworked to peaceful & profitable!

Let me introduce you to the business membership program that completely changed how I think about growing my business and helped me heal my relationship with work & productivity.

Enroll via this page and my affiliate link to secure a great Bonus Package from me. Doors close on October 20th 2021.
Details below!

My Origin Story & Review

Back in 2020, I had left my corporate job to start my freelance consultant business online. This big transition happened at end of my maternity leave and at the beginning of the pandemic.

I loved the idea of having to be my own boss and work on my own schedule. But I carried over unhealthy work habits inherited from my years being in go-go-go multi-tasking hustle mode.

I thought I had to DO more in order to grow my business & get clients. I enrolled in an expensive coaching program that taught me how to setup my business following some 7-figure entrepreneur’s strategy.

However, I realized that I wasn’t honouring my energetic capacity by following this recipe. I was building a business model that wasn’t aligned to my ultimate vision for my life.

It got to a point where the results weren’t where I wanted to be. The pressure to keep all the balls in the air with a 1 year old baby and being self-employed was taking a toll on me. Throw in a pandemic and I became an exhausted hamster in a wheel.

Then in November, 2020, I stumbled upon Kate’s book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women and it completely changed the way I manage my time and energy around work.

Kate’s Origin Membership was the extension of the book where I got to meet like-minded business women and moms. Women who are changing the way they work, opting out of the hustle mentality. I was becoming more driven to do the work I love to do, in a way that feels good in my body. 

    Since joining the Origin community:

    • I created a business following a model that works for me. I was able to cut my work hours back when my son had intensive therapy sessions over the summer… while still growing my revenue!
    • I started tracking my cycles to know when I would be energetically more productive, so I can plan my projects with more ease & flow. I no longer feel like I’m always pushing myself. 
    • I learned to prioritize & focus what really matters in growing my business. I stopped having to #doallthethings. 
    • I started connecting to my own body and intuition and knowing that I’m doing the right thing at the right time. Yes, sometimes impostor syndrome peaks in, but I am better at dealing with it when it comes up.
    • I am connected with a wide network of women entrepreneurs who are changing the way they work. Adopting a slow & aligned growth approach instead of a hustle mentality.
    • I found an amazing website designer, operation system coach & even some clients since joining the group! 
    • I started to earn enough revenue to support my family without having me feel constantly burnt out.

    My Origin Bonus Package 🎁

    My mission is to help women entrepreneurs to grow business, their legacy. I do this by building impactful & automated email systems by giving them the tools & knowledge to operate with more clarity, ease & flow.

    So when you join Origin through any of the buttons on this page, you’ll get a bunch of amazing Bonuses that will help you build email marketing systems without having to lift a finger!

    My bonus package is half personalized support and actionable training.

    It’s created so you can build your email systems with close support from someone who is committed on the same journey you’re on to build a successful business without burning out.

    Enroll through my affiliate link to secure this great Bonus Package from me. Doors close October 20th 2021.
    Details below!

    Feedback from clients who have used these bonuses

    I’ve decided to take ALL of Kris’s advice and revamp my welcome letter series and order thank you letter series. An ‘a-ha’ moment was how to use email flows more effectively. The email content recommendations have been working and I’ve been getting higher open rates and click rates!

    Robbin Turner - Virtual 1:1 Day customer

    Many parts of my 4 hour session with Kris were enlightening. I learned so much about many new ways to engage with our customers, about what they want to hear from us, about what message I should send them, and when to do it in the journey. Klaviyo can also be very technical and Kris answers all my how-to questions and enlightened me with things I supposed to be doing from the beginning.

    Anita & Monica - Virtual 1:1 Day customer

    Here’s everything you get when you join Origin through my link

    🎁  BONUS #1: Virtual Day of 1-1 Coaching ($500) ⭐️Annual Membership Exclusive⭐️
    Imagine having me as your email coach in your pocket! It’s a great opportunity to get 1-1 coaching/strategy from me. These Virtual Days are on Voxer (a free & fun walkie-talkie app). They have been so incredibly powerful and my clients regularly experience huge shifts and a-ha’s for their business. Ask me any questions you have about Klaviyo, email marketing and get my direct feedback on your emails, flows & strategies. 

    When you join Origin on the Annual Membership, you’ll get one Virtual Day with me. You have a choice of times between 8am to 8pm Eastern Time. Must be used by January 31st 2022. 

    🎁  BONUS #2: $200 of Kris Credit  
    Credit that you can use towards any of my paid workshops or courses. You can pick the ones that are most helpful to you. Yes, this includes 1-1 offers like my Virtual Days or Klaviyo VIP Days. I’ll give you $200 in credit to be spent on anything with me in the next 6 months. Must be used by April 30th 2022. 

    🎁  BONUS #3: Cruise into Q4 Mini Course ($247)
    If you’re looking to supercharge your sales this holiday season (without the stress), this mini course will show you how to finally nail your offers, marketing, website AND email marketing. Learn how to create irresistible offers for your brand. Create a marketing plan to promote your offers far and wide. Warm up your email list and get more people to open your emails during Q4. What automated flows you need during the holidays to make more sales on autopilot during the holidays. The email segments you need + a bunch of Klaviyo tutorials! (Kris Credit alternative if you previously purchased this course)




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    Feedback from clients who have used these bonuses

    Need help deciding if Origin is for you?

    Joining Origin has been such an amazing program for me, but it’s true – it might not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re not sure if this is exactly what you need. Let’s talk it out 

    Reach out using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page or DM me on Instagram and let know what’s on your mind. I’m 100% not going to “pressure” you to joining or anything like that. I super respect that this is a big investment and decision.

    I just know that sometimes it’s really helpful to talk through this with someone else who gets it. Happy to answer any questions you have about the Origin membership and my experience with Doing Less to grow my business.