Carole MacFadden,
Founder of Vancouver Gift Baskets
I was not using Klaviyo to its fullest. It’s quite expensive compared to MailChimp but I haven't taken the time to get to know it and utilize all its functionalities, and therefore was constantly reminded that I should be doing better with our email marketing. I feel much more confident about it now after going through the Toolkit, as well as knowing how to automate the email systems better through Klaviyo which I KNOW will lead to more sales. Kris’ lesson on using dynamic content blocks was a MIKE DROP moment for me. I love anything I do once and don't have to repeat. I feel more confident about the professionalism of our emails now that we have systems in place. I 100% would recommend this training for any biz owner that feels they are leaving money on the table with each 'one time' client purchase. The time vested in drafting emails that speak to your specific audience is so worth it. Take the time, DO IT! Your business is worth it!!